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Every emotion has its channel

Studies demonstrate that people memorize 80% of what they see. Therefore, visual perception is important in the human experience.

That is why you can choose where to put yours eyes on. (Not only in a literal sense)

Visual world march for peace and nonviolence

The ‘foreigner’ is considered to be ‘different’ in a traditional culture. Boundaries that have been put among countries and laws that limit free circulation of people, should be let this difficult space be handled by somebody who is looking for a way that improve his/her life, escaping from wars and from uncomfortable human vital conditions.

The ‘different’ person is ‘the other one’. But the other ones could be ‘me’.

Intercultural dialogue magazine 


Freshness doesn’t depend on age but depends on the care you have for you and your skin

An efficient communication needs a loyal communication 


Aura colors call back an etheric dimension and indicate a non physical plan that you can achieve thanks to massage 

Love, on the opposite of violence, doesn’t make noise. It is harmonic and consensual and it is expressed with sweetness.